Whatsapp reached new heights on New Year's Day

Whatsapp is going to the height of it. Many of us had sent felicitations messages during the past festive period to family and friends on WhatsApp. Me precisely I had many boringlong picture messages, and however bored I was, courtesy forced me into saying thank you. But do you know that New Year eve, that is December 31, a total of 63 billion WhatsApp messages were sent on Whsastapp. This official data was confidently released by Facebook, who now is in ownership of the messaging device. India actually accounted for a whopping 14 billion messages that were still included in the 63 billion Lot.Images practically made up about 8 billion messages, and then the video message composition accounted for 2.5 billion WhatsApp messages.This 63 billion figure is an impressive confirmation of data released April last year which disclosed that WhastApp and Facebook Messenger put together were about 60 billion messages. Whatsppp for now has no limits.


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